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MIND ID Member, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, Schedules Rp 12.6T Dividend Distribution, Check the Date

22 June 2023

Jakarta, 22 June 2023 – MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, through one of its members, PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) will distribute dividends of Rp12.6 trillion. The amount constitutes 100 percent of PTBA’s net profit in 2022.

From the amount, each PTBA shareholder will get Rp 1,090 dividend. This was announced at the Annual Shareholders General Meeting (RUPST) at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Thursday (15/6/2023).

MIND ID Corporate Secretary Heri Yusuf said that the success of PTBA is very much appreciated by MIND ID.  In running its business in the mining industry, specifically coal, PTBA has shown a positive performance.

“We will continue to give full encouragement so that PTBA can grow and raise its performance, thereby becoming the biggest coal mining company in Indonesia,” he said.

The rise in performance not only concerns the company’s profit achievement, but also other aspects. One of which is the expansion to green-based business to continue adapting to energy transition, while at the same time, give full support to the target of the Indonesian government to reached zero carbon emission (NZE) in 2060.

Meanwhile, PTBA shares have weakened 0.79 percent to Rp3,790 on Monday (19/6/2023). As a result, the dividend of PTBA share yield reached 28.75 percent.

The amount of PTBA share dividend payment is equal to more than 11 times the banks’ deposit interest. The deposit interest of general banks currently starts at 2.5 percent per annum.

In the RUPST, the schedule of PTBA’s dividend division, is as follows:

- Cum Dividend Regular and Negotiated Market: 23 June 2023

- Ex Dividend Regular and Negotiated Market: 26 June 2023

- Cum Dividend Cash Market: 27 June 2023

- Ex Dividend Cash Market: 28 June 2023

- Recording Date of Those Entitled to Dividends: 3 July 2023

- Payment of PTBA Share Dividends: 14 July 2023

Throughout 2022, PTBA has posted net profit of Rp12.6 trillion. The profit jumped to about 58.9 percent compared to 2021 of Rp7.9 trillion.

The achievement of the net profit is supported by income of Rp42.6 trillion. This income is up 146 percent if compared to 2021, which was Rp29.3 trillion.

While per 31 December 2022, the total asset of the company reached Rp45.4 trillion. The amount was a 126 percent increase compared to 2021 of Rp36.1 trillion.

PTBA’s total coal production in 2022 was able to reach 37.1 million tons.  The amount was 24 percent higher compared to 2021 of 30.04 million tons.

Other increase also occurred with the sale of PTBA’s coal. Up to 2022, there was a 12 percent growth with production up to 31.6 million tons, after previously reaching 28.4 million tons in 2021.

Throughout 2022, PTBA’s export sales also reached 12.5 million tons and realization of Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) was 19.2 million tons. The amount is equal to the 119 percent of the 2021 realization of 16.1 million tons.

The increased performance of PTBA also affects the health of the company. PTBA was able to exceed the target set. 

From five indicators, namely, economic and social value of the company, business model innovation, technology leadership, investment increase and talent development, PTBA received a score of 106.78 percent. This indicates that PTBA’s health level is above average as it far exceeds the total AAA score with a limit above 95 percent.

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