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Employee Volunteering, the Right Way to Encourage Employees to be Socially Concerned

21 September 2021

As a means of enabling employees to conduc social activities, many companies are now implementing Employee Volunteering activities.

Employee Volunteering is a forum to enable employees of a company to take part in social activities, in line with the values of the company. In Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID), the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, this program is called Senyawa.

Recently, the MIND ID Group whose members are PT ANTAM Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Inalum (Persero) and PT Timah Tbk, implemented two employee volunteering programs, namely the sale of t-shirts with the proceeds donated to those in need and the collection of books distributed to children living in the surrounding areas of the operational sites.

“The employee volunteering program is one of the culture movement’s implementation in the MIND ID Group representing our Noble Purpose in the day to day lives of the MIND ID Group employees,” said MIND ID Group CEO, Orias Petrus Moedak.

The Senyawa Program – the sale of t-shirts commemorating Independence Day - has a unique aspect as each employee of the MIND ID Group voluntarily purchased the t-shirts, with MIND ID doubling the total sales from the program.

As many as 1,087 t-shirts have been purchased by MIND ID Group’s employees. From the sales, MIND ID doubled the proceeds so that the total funds came to Rp746 million. The amount was subsequently converted into 1,493 packages of donations, given to the Veterans Legion of Indonesia (LVRI) located in the surrounding areas of the MIND ID Group’s operational sites.

While the second program, the collection of books, is called 1 Book 1 Good Deed in which MIND ID Group employees donated books such as story books, dictionaries with pictures, books on skills, basic reading, writing and arithmetic, biographies, encyclopedias, business, fictions/novels and motivational books. Not only were employees giving donations, they also provide messages of good deeds and motivations in each book donated, aimed at inspiring hundreds of children living around the Reading Garden or libraries located in the surrounding areas of operational sites. As many as 4,160 books were collected and distributed to 22 Reading Gardens. .

“We hope that the books donated will be able to raise the inspirations and knowledge of the children for the future,” said Orias.

According to Orias, the cultural transformation conducted by MIND ID is one of the efforts to help one another in facing the pandemic. “The initiatives of the MIND ID Group employees reflect the togetherness and concern for the nation’s current situation,” Orias concluded.

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