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MIND ID Group makes ASEAN Summit as Gateway for SMEs to Expand International Market

10 May 2023

Labuan Bajo, 9 May 2023The presence of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is believed to be capable of promoting the economy of a region, even impacting the national economy. It is this belief that the growth of SMEs (UMKM) needs to be encouraged and supported.  The Indonesian government, through its multi stakeholders, is encouraging and supporting the growth of SMEs from many sectors, and provides various facilities and convenience to trigger the growth of these SMEs.

The ASEAN Summit held 9 – 13 May at Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, constitutes an international event in collaboration with the Ministry of State Enterprises to create the ASEAN Summit Hub for SMEs.  This initiative is presenting 40 SME booths, 10 Local Labuan Bajo SME booths, and hundreds of SME products.

SME development itself cannot be separated from the accompaniment and market expansion role, as financing in itself is not enough. Erick Thohir, Minister of State Enterprises, said that, “SMEs are the spearhead of our economic foundation, however, it would not be possible to let them walk on their own.  The Ministry of State Enterprises focuses on the synergy between the ministry and local governments for Financing, Guidance and Market.  Financing in itself is not enough without guidance, and this is evidence of our guidance,” he disclosed when visiting the Labuan Bajo Waterfront booth. 

One of the forms of expansion facilitated by the Ministry of State Enterprises to support the SMEs under the Stewardship Program of State Enterprises is with the e-catalogue and BUMN Padi application.  “Our task then is to prepare the market. One of the support for the preparation of the market is the presence of UMKM Padi, not only as a market place, but also as e-catalogue,” added Erick.

MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, with all of its members, PT Antam Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Inalum, PT Timah Tbk, also took part in this international SME exhibition. The MIND ID Group brings more than 20 food and beverage products of SMEs under its Stewardship Program.

MIND ID’s Institutional Relations Division Head, Selly Adriatika, discloses that it is the commitment of the MIND ID Group in endeavouring the empowerment of the local people living in the surrounding mining areas and continue to encourage SMEs to rise to a higher class. “The MIND ID Group provides full support to any local people living within the surrounding areas of the mines, to work and provide actual contribution, even possibly to enter the Company’s business chain, thereby supporting the creation of the circular economy,” said Selly.

The program encourages SMEs within the surrounding areas of the mines to be in line with MIND ID’s sustainable program, particularly the society pillar, and support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically point 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, in order for the local economy to achieve sustainability, and not fully depend on the continuity of operations of the mines in future.

It is hoped that through the SME-based Community Social Responsibility Program, each SME under the company’s Stewardship Program has the opportunity to raise its class, these programs are combined in MIND ID’s program called MINDTrepreneur. A place where SMEs under the Stewardship Program of  MIND ID Group does not only produce, but also have a more holistic knowledge of a business, from the use of finance, development of business, marketing, to the provision of the best service to customers.

“MIND ID is committed not only to provide financial assistance to SME partners under the Stewardship Program, but also to provide accompaniment in managing and developing the business of each SME partner, to allow them the opportunity to raise their class, and support the local economy,” Selly added.

Currently, the MIND ID Group has a total of more than 12,000 active SMEs under its Stewardship Program, with 301 SMEs having graduated at the end of 2022. It is hoped that each year will see the number of such SME graduation go up. 


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