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IIMS 2024, MIND ID Attends Launch of Gesits Garuda while Socializing Nickel Downstreaming

18 February 2024

Jakarta, 18 February 2023 – MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, took part in the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024. Entering the fourth day of the event, since its opening on Thursday (16/2024), MIND ID was present in support of the GESITS Garuda Special Edition and socialization of nickel downstreaming.

At the GESITS Booth, Hall B3 Lot E16, JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, on Sunday (18/2/2024), PT Gesits Motor Nusantara launched the GESITS Special Edition electric motorcycle, the result of collaboration with the Indonesian National Team. This special edition combines the innovative strength of GESITS in electrical motorcycles with the spirit and pride of the Indonesian National Team.

The event was attended by President Director of PT Gesits Motor Nusantara, Bernardi Djumiril; PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) Chairman Erick Thohir; MIND ID Director of Portfolio and Business Development, Dilo Seno Widagso; PT INALUM Director of Business Development, Melati Sarnita; PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM) Director of Development I Dewa Wirantata; and several other affiliation directors.

GESITS President Director, Bernardi Djumiril, said that lovers of electric motorcycles or supporters of the Indonesian National Team who want to appear with pride in driving the GESITS electric motorcycle with design elements that reflect fighting power, speed, and spirit of the national team with its unique and trendy character, are hoped to display a new and different sense of pride.

“Since its launch at the IIMS last year, GESITS Raya G was enthusiastically welcomed by the Indonesian people, even at the export or global market. We are optimistic the special edition with its unique features will considerably heighten the emotional ties of users with their favorite motorcycle,” he said at the opening.

Currently, the GESITS Garuda Special Edition is being prepared for the first 100 buyers which can immediately be ordered at the GESITS dealers. The GESITS Garuda Special Edition combines the garuda bird design of the state symbol and the main thematic element of the Indonesian National Team campaign, which depicts grand strength, knowledge, and wisdom.

The mega mendung batik design was taken from the campaign theme of the Indonesian National Team which depicts hope, simplicity, dynamism, and openness. While the garuda bird philosophy and the mega mendung batik design are considered in line with GESITS.

Meanwhile, PSSI Chairman Erick Thohir, positively welcomes the collaboration between the two institutions, both of whom carry the name and pride of Indonesia. He believes that domestic product involvement, which supports the Indonesian National Team and national football, will strengthen and develop each other.

“I appreciate this collaboration. We at PSSI open the door widely to those who want to support the national team and national football. The presence of GESITS in football depicts more local products signifying the pride of Indonesia, increasingly trusting the national team,” said Erick.

The presence of MIND ID was made as a form of commitment of State-Owned Enterprises or BUMN, particularly Mining Industry Holding, in supporting the nationwide acceleration of new and renewable energy use in Indonesia.

According to MIND ID Director of Portfolio and Business Development, Dilo Seno Widagdo, he is ready to fully support the readiness of the electrical vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia, as an acceleration of the electrical vehicle transition in Indonesia towards environmental friendliness.

“The acceleration of the electrical vehicle transition in Indonesia is in line with MIND ID’s sustainability pathway and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly for the climate change implementation pillar,” said Dilo.

At the IIMS 2024, MIND ID also took part in introducing nickel processing, from crude nickel to battery, at the booth. MIND ID’s booth in the exhibition presented various information which educated the people on nickel downstreaming. 

The natural resources in Indonesia such as nickel, aluminium, bauxite, copper to tin, are the main components in electrical vehicles. And the state enterprise, through MIND ID, is the main player in the electric vehicle industry.

MIND ID is the majority shareholder in Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) through PT INALUM and ANTAM, who support the EV (electrical vehicle) ecosystem development in Indonesia. IBC is a world-class global player in the EV Ecosystem and EV Battery.

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