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MIND ID Develops Future Human Capital to Maintain Sustainability

23 September 2021

MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the State-Owned Enterprise Holding for the Mining Industry, received three important mandates from the government to promote mining in Indonesia. In future, MIND ID aims at becoming a global player in the global mining industry.

In order to become a global player, human capital is one of the strategic aspects. MIND ID Group talents are required to respond to global needs and challenges. MIND ID Group personnel need to ensure the sustainability of the mineral resources managed in order to provide long-term maximum contribution for Indonesia.

MIND ID Director of Strategic Services, Ogi Prastomiyono, explained that the three key mandates from the government to MIND ID is, firstly, managing strategic mineral and coal reserves in Indonesia. Indonesia has substantial long-life mineral and coal reserves. “However, are we or are we not able to manage the reserves? Moving forward, this needs to be responded to and implemented by MIND ID,” said Ogi.

However, managing is currently not enough. In the past, Indonesia only conducted mining. Then, exporting the raw materials to overseas markets. It is a pity that after processing overseas, the value becomes higher, then the products enter Indonesia again.

“The government wants MIND ID to aggressively conduct downstreaming of the mineral resources we have, to raise the added value for the country,” said Ogi.

Ogi explained that in reference to the GDP, the mining contribution figures only came to seven or eight percent. But, if we are able to process the minerals to at least semi-finished products, or to end users, the value can accelerate four to fivefold. To achieve this, MIND ID is given the second mandate, which is to drive downstream efforts.

The third mandate is to conduct operations efficiently and effectively. This third point becomes an important pillar in the mining industry, to ensure that the processed products have competitive economic value in the international market.

“The capabilities of the organization and competencies of individuals are needed to respond to the three mandates,” Ogi said.

Ogi went on to explain that internal efforts are needed to prepare individual talents with the ability to respond to the three mandates.

“Since 2019, we have conducted two programs for the development of human capital, the Senior Leader (atau Leaders?) Development Program (SLDP) dan Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP)," ujar Ogi.

The SLDP, said Ogi, is aimed at preparing individuals who are positioned one level under the Board of Directors in all MIND ID Members, to become qualified leaders. There are many experts in MIND ID, such as experts in smelters, sales or mining operations.

“However, as a member of the board, expertise in one field is not enough. To become a member of the board in MIND ID’s first-tier subsidiaries or second-tier subsidiaries, the individual needs to be skilled in managing a business,” said Ogi.

Therefore, since 2019, MIND ID opened the SLDP class with a duration of nine months. Individuals entering the SLDP program will attend the class and at the same time, conduct action learning projects. “Before the pandemic, participants were placed for two weeks in an overseas multinational company to learn how to run a big company,” said Ogi.

Ogi also went on to explain that talented human resources, at the start, sometimes have a lack of confidence on his or her potential. However, after attending this program, their confidence soared as their insights and experience were elevated after conducting a comparative study and sharpening of their talents.

Ogi said that this program is in motion and has produced qualified individuals to become the prospective, future leaders of MIND ID.

“The results speak for themselves. Those who have attended the SLDP Program have become members of the board in ANTAM and TIMAH. Several SLDP program graduates are now running the first-tier subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries in the MIND ID Group. Their insights have been completed. Their technical, managerial and soft skills, as well,” said Ogi.

While the other program is the Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP). This program is meant for individuals whose positions are two levels under the board of directors. In one period, MIND ID provided the opportunity for 25 employees whose capabilities are raised to become future members of the board of directors.

“The ELDP is directed mostly to millennials. Not only for those working in the office, but also for operators and supervisors in the mining operations,” said Ogi.

The duration of the ELDP program is one year. They continue to work in accordance with their job descriptions, but ELDP participants are additionally required to take part in an online program class to promote their capabilities. After completing the soft skill acceleration, the participants will be placed in a multinational company for three months.

“Not only are they learning in classes but there is also an action learning project. ELDP participants during the three months in global companies, will learn how to run a company,” said Ogi.

Even participants working in remote areas have the same opportunity. They are required to take an online class and study through modules in a human resource development platform called EMS.

Ogi hopes that with the two internal development programs, MIND ID, in future, will have talents ready to bring the company forward. Not only expert in one field, but individuals taking part in the two acceleration programs can become talents well versed in many fields. MIND ID will continue to run the two programs.

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