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PTFI MIND ID Group Commitment in the Education Sector: IPN Vocational Training Appreciated by Ma’ruf Amin, Vice President

12 July 2023

Jakarta, 12 July 2023 – The commitment of MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, in promoting the quality of education together with PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI), specifically for the people of Papua, which has been pioneered since 1996, gets appreciation from Vice President Ma’ruf Amin during his visit to Mimika Regency, Central Papua.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin visited and greeted the participants of the Nemangkawi Education Institute (IPN) on Wednesday (12/7/2023). During his visit, Ma’ruf Amin said that the improvement of human resource is the main focus of the government in creating the ambition of a more advanced Indonesia. 

He said that the government continually boosts various programs related to manpower, one of the steps which has been taken is to raise competition and productivity through vocational training.

“I saw the Nemangkawi training center, the place where native Pupuan children are taught to raise their skills to become quality workers. What I saw was extraordinary, there were 15 training programs and this is not only for Freeport, but also for outside Freeport.  I appreciate this and this also constitutes the role of the private sector who can raise the quality of Papuan children specifically, and Indonesia in general,” said Ma’aruf Amin. 

The Vice President said that to conduct educational revitalization, several strategies have been adopted by the government, among which was to boost educational transformation and vocational training from upstream to downstream. The focus of education is not only on theoretical aspects, but also on practical applications in the real world, strengthen link and match between educational institutions and vocational training with the industrial sector, plus transformation of the Vocational Training Institute (Balai Latihan Kerja – BLK) by joining stakeholders as the organizers of the vocational training institute.

MIND ID Group’s PTFI is committed to continue raising education in Papua. Since 1996, PTFI has been involved in the educational sector of people in Papua, which has continued sustainably, while at the same time raising the number of native Papuan workers in PTFI.

Corporate Secretary of MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, Heri Yusuf, said that the number of native Papuan employees working at PTFI has now reached more than 40 percent.  According to Heri Yusuf, PTFI’s commitment to raise education in Papua is one of the realizations of the social responsibility of PTFI, the subsidiary of the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry.

“The MIND ID Group’s PTFI has undertaken various programs to raise the education of the young children of Papua, including at the Nemangkawi Mining Institute (IPN),” said Heri Yusuf.

Meanwhile, President Director of PTFI, Tony Wenas, said that the Nemangkawi Mining Institute established since 2003, has become a vocational education institute for the promotion of Papuan human resources for industry needs.  There are 15 technical departments and three non-technical programs.

“90 percent of the students are native Papuans and the total has reached 4,000 graduates, of which 2,500 of them are working in PTFI.  Of course this is the pioneer, to provide an opportunity for Papuan native children to enter the job market, not only in PTFI, but outside of PTFI, even outside of Papua,” he said.

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