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MIND ID Gets Gold Rating in ASRRAT 2023 for Consistently Adopting Sustainable Strategy

6 November 2023

Jakarta, 6 November 2023 – MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, gets the gold rating at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2023 held by the National Centre for Corporate Reporting (NCCR).

Aside from receiving the gold rating, MIND ID also received an acknowledgment and award for its commitment to sustainability reporting, in its participation as “A Commendation for first year ASRRAT”.

The award was received by MIND ID at the gala dinner at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta, on Monday 6 November 2023. ASRRAT is an awarding event to institutions or companies that have successfully communicated their sustainability performance to stakeholders through good sustainability reporting.

MIND ID CSR Division Head, Binahidra Logiardi, said that receiving the gold rating and award for the commitment of the company in the ASRRAT 2023 sustainability reporting is evidence of MIND ID’s performance as a company that puts sustainability in high regard.

“We are certainly very proud as MIND ID’s social responsibility, in accordance with GRI, managed to receive the gold rating for the first time participating in ASRRAT 2023,” said Binahidra. “This award reflects the commitment of the company in sustainability reporting, and at the same time, a provision for the MIND ID Group to continue growing the adopting sustainability in every aspect,” he added.

He said that MIND ID continues to contribute to supporting sustainability development in Indonesia. In conducting its operational activities, MIND ID consistently adopts the sustainability concept through various aspects, from the exploration of natural resources to the downstreaming efforts of the MIND ID Group.

“With the increasingly strong synergy, the MIND ID Group is committed to undertaking the company’s operational activities in exploration and managing mineral resources in a responsible and sustainable manner,” he said.

Binahidra explained that MIND ID’s sustainability reporting every year is compiled in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) which is one of the evaluations in ASRRAT 2023. Moreover, MIND ID’s sustainability reporting also adheres to the mining principles of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM).

In its sustainability report, MIND ID covers economic, environmental, and social performance in line with the topics of the material and limitations determined. The information regarding sustainability performance is based on the six pillars of the Sustainability Pathway.

“This is, of course, part of the embodiment of MIND ID’s Noble Purpose, which is “We explore natural resources for civilization, prosperity, and a brighter future”, he said.

At the same opportunity, MIND ID also showcased a special booth to introduce the sustainability pathway of MIND ID in making a reality of its green mining commitment to promoting energy efficiency, and reducing the life cycle footprint of the environmental impact.

The Booth also depicted the 6 pillars that have become the driving force for the achievement of the sustainability pathway, namely: people, economic development, society, smart operation and product stewardship, environment and climate change, and governance.

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