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MIND ID Group’s PTFI releases Rp5 M for Social Program Collaboration with PPAD in Mimika, Papua

12 July 2023

Jakarta, 12 July 2023 – PT Freeport Indonesia, Member of MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, together with the PPAD or Indonesian Army Retirees Union, Central Papua Province and Mimika Regency Government and PERDAMI or the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association, have implemented a social program with the theme Kitorang Melihat Terang or We Can see Clearly. Vice President Ma’ruf Amin was also present at the event.

Kitorang Melihat Terang social program focuses on cataract and cleft lip and palate operations, general health service, dental service, distribution of vitamins, to the donation of food items. Doctors from Perdami will conduct cataract operations on as many as 78 patients (105 eyes).

Meanwhile, as many as 11 cleft lip and palate operations will be conducted by a team of doctors from RSPAD or the Army Central Hospital.

MIND ID Group’s PTFI donated Rp 5 billion, which was given in the form of 1,150 packages of food items during the Kitorang Melihat Terang social program. Moreover, MIND ID Group’s PTFI also took care of the transportation and accommodation costs of doctors from RSPAD and Perdami, also PPAD, in the implementation of the social program in Timika.

MIND ID, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry Corporate Secretary Heri Yusuf, said that the charity activities are a form of support continuously undertaken by MIND ID and member companies, in this case PTFI, in the efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically goals 1 no poverty and goal 3 good health and well-being.

“This activity is also meant to introduce the presence of the MIND ID Group, through PTFI, in Mimika. This social service is, of course, in line with the sustainability road map of MIND ID’s Community and Society pillar, in which we take part in bringing prosperity to the people,” said Heri Yusuf, Thursday (12/7/2023).

Presiden Director of PTFI Tony Wenas said that with the strong commitment of the MIND ID Group, PTFI continues to support the people in Mimika Regency specifically, in facing health issues.

“This is part of our commitment and, of course, this is in addition to our social program such as education, health and other programs which are already ongoing,” said Tony.

Chairman of PPAD, who is also President Commissioner of MIND ID, LieutGen of the Indonesian Army (Retired) Dr. (H.C.) Doni Monardo, said that the Kitorang Melihat Terang social program is a simultaneous program in which the first and second social programs are conducted in Mulia District, Puncak Jaya Regency. The third program is conducted in Namlea, Buru Regency in Maluku and the fourth in Mimika Regency. The fifth social program is planned in Jayawijaya Regency, at the same time commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day, in August 2023.

The Kitorang Melihat Terang social program in Mimika Regency was visited by Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin. Doni Monardo said that although his status is already a pensioner, concern towards others never wavered. PPAD continues to show its dedication to the nation and the country. 

“As said by the Vice President, pension is only administrative. But as a state law enforcement officer, we continue to be dedicated to the nation so that our ears can no longer hear salvo shots. In other words, until the end of our lives,” said Doni Monardo.

Doni hopes that the Kitorang Melihat Terang social program include mitigation efforts, one of which is to modify the Honai or traditional houses of the Papuan people, which is generally closed. All activites are conducted inside the Honai, including cooking, which is suspected of being the cause of many people suffering from cataract. “The Honai should be modified, such as with the addition of windows,” he said.

PTFI, together with YPMAK or the Amungme and Kamoro People’s Community Empowerment Foundation, continue to provide support to community health service activities through the construction and operation of hospital and several clinics throughout Mimika Regency, such as the Mimika RSMM or Mitra Masyarakat Hospital, clinics in SP-9, SP-12 and Pomako, as well as the TB-STI (Sexual Transmission Infection) clinic. Moreover, PTFI is also the prime mover in the malaria control program which is being implemented in partnership with the Mimika Regency Health Agency.

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