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MIND ID and ANTAM Collaborates on Multihelix Social and Environmental Responsibility to Assist People in Buru Island, Maluku

3 July 2023

Jakarta, 3 July 2023 – MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, together with one of its members, PT ANTAM Tbk, conducted a social program at Namlea, Buru Regency. The activity was held over a period of four days from 20 to 24 June 2023. The social program was called “Katong Melihat Terang” or “Katong Sees Light”.

Katong Melihat Terang consisted of various social activities conducted at the Namlea Regional Hospital (RSUD) such as cataract, cleft palate and dental surgery, and general medical treatment.  Moreover, there was also the provision of health assistance, distribution of groceries, and environmental activities such as planting of walnut and breadfruit tree seedlings at Dava Village, Waelata District.

The social service was initiated by the Chairman of PPAD or Association of Army Retired Officers and also, MIND ID President Commissioner Doni Monardo. MIND ID is the majority owner of shares in four of the largest mining companies in Indonesia; PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Timah Tbk, and PT Freeport Indonesia.

Through a multihelix synergy involving PPAD, MIND ID, PT ANTAM Tbk, Himpunan Bersatu Teguh (HBT), Indonesian Army-Police, and other stakeholders, the activities in Buru Island have been well implemented.  Deputy Human Resource Development, Technology and Information of the State Enterprise Ministry, Tedi Bharata, and President Commissioner of MIND ID, Doni Monardo, attended the social activities and planting of trees in villages directly bordering Botak Mountain. The planting of trees constitute one of the concerns of MIND ID and ANTAM regarding environmental conservation. 

“The Ministry of State Enterprises consistently encourages State Enterprises to escalate its business performance, without forgetting its social role among the communities. Social activities and planting of trees by MIND ID and ANTAM are evidence of State Enterprise Service (Bakti BUMN) for the communities in Maluku Province,” said Tedi.

Several officials also taking part in the visit to Buru Island are Maluku Governor, officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Military Regional Command (Kodam) XVI/Pattimura, Maluku Police, Maluku High Court, MIND ID Board of Directors and ANTAM Board of Directors.

Doni Monardo, who is also the former Military Commander XVI/Pattimura and Head of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) added that the Social and Environmental Responsibility programs focusing on the environment have been frequently implemented by the MIND ID Group. “We hope that the planting of trees can become an initial step to provide actual contribution in the efforts to save existing mineral resources,” said Doni Monarado, Thursday (22/6/2023).

As many as 100 premium breadfruit seedlings, 25 walnut raja seedlings and 25 walnut seedlings have been distributed and planted together with the villagers at Dava Village.  Multi stakeholder collaboration is needed to assist environmental conservation and community welfare at Gunung Botak. MIND ID and PPAD have created a program for 1 million premium breadfruit seedlings from Maluku. Some of the seedlings will, of course, be sent to Buru Island. Aside from efforts to support food security, the breadfruit tree is one of the vegetation for disaster mitigation. The nursery in the city of Ambon was built together with Yayasan Andarinyo Go Earth (AGE).  As many as 100 thousand breadfruit seedlings will also be sent to the new National Capital City (IKN).

Buru Regency Regional Secretary, Ilyas Hamid, said that the investment value entering Buru Regency is still very small. In Maluku Province, Buru Regency has the second highest extreme poverty after the Western Part of Seram Regency. Gunung Botak has mineral resource potential which can benefit the welfare of the people living in the surrounding areas. However, the ecosystem conservation in Gunung Botak area also needs to be protected.

“Illegal mining will never assist regional development and welfare of the people. Not only that, environmental damage, river and marine pollution, well as the health of the local people living around Gunung Botak will be borne by the Buru Regional Government if illegal mining is allowed to continue,” he said. 

One of the public figures, Raja Petuanan Kaiely Fandi Ashari Wael, said that the Petuanan Kaiely people hope the group can focus on discussion of how to legalize the mining activities. It is undeniable that mining activities, which is ongoing, raises the economic circulation of the indigenous people. “If this can be legalized and there is a company or other form of management, I and all the indigenous leaders hope to have the involvement of high and low plateau indigenous leaders.  The children of these indigenous people can be prioritized in the recruitment of workers,” he said.

“We are depending on our lives on the natural resources that we know since 2012. However, this will impact negatively if illegal gold mining is allowed to continue. Aside from breaking the law, this will impact the agricultural, marine and fishery sector,” said Fandi.

Waehata Village Head Ali Nacikit hopes that the government will give attention to the infrastructure conditions in the villages, particularly the roads and bridges. “The roads which are used by four as well as two-wheeled trucks for mining activities have been damaged. Moreover, two large rivers, the Waeapo and Waelata rivers cross the Waeapo Plain (Dataran Waeapo).  If rain is quite intense and continuous, our territory is flooded which can cover the houses and gardens of the local people,” he said.

Aside from environmental activities, social activities in the health sector are also conducted at the Namlea Regional Hospital. There have been 14 locals who will have their cleft palate operated on, dental checks on 63 people, cataract operation for 443 eyes and general health checkups for 545 people. 3,000 packages of groceries will also be given at the same time as the operations and medication.

Ilyas Hamid expressed his appreciation for the social programs which greatly assist the Namlea communities. “The social program activities by PPAD, MIND ID, ANTAM, TNI-POLRI and HBT have been of great help in the efforts to raise the health of Namlea communities. We express our thanks as with these activities, more than 500 local people have received health assistance,” he said.

MIND ID Director of Risk Management and HSE, Nur Hidayat Udin, said that the social program is one of the commitments of the MIND ID Group in supporting the Social Development Goals, specifically goal 1 No Poverty, goal 3 Good Health and Well-being and goal 15 Life on Land.

“These activities not only prove the commitment of the MIND ID and ANTAM group towards the real actions of the Social and Environmental Program, specifically in Buru Island, Maluku. This is also in line with MIND ID’s sustainability road map through Community and Society pillar in which the company takes part in supporting the peoples’ welfare and Environment and Climate Change pillar or reducing the impact on the environment,” said Nur Hidayat.

As a result, he said, through these sustainable cooperation, MIND ID’s noble purpose, which is the exploration of natural resources for civilization, prosperity and a brighter future, can be created. “Yes, in line with our noble purpose, we explore natural resources for civilization, prosperity and a brighter future,” he said.

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