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From Paperless Data to AI for Smart Mining, MIND ID Solution for Digitalisation Era

28 July 2023

Jakarta, 28 July 2023 – MIND ID, or the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, supports smart mining with a series of digitization initiatives. Aside from responding to the 4.0 industry revolution era, the digitization initiatives have also made performance more effective and efficient.

Throughout 2022, MIND ID Members have undertaken various digitization initiatives, one of which is the Paperless Data and Central Database project of Antam.

In the project, Antam has made a software for the filling of operational data from working unit computers. The purpose is to make data input activities more efficient to avoid repeated input activities and maintain operational data as it is recorded at the central database which has provisions in data accessing.

PTBA has a project for the SIG and SIM DLT application to administer working permits and use of heavy equipment at the mine location. While Inalum has a Human Capital system of digitalization project to promote effectivity and efficiency for processing human resource management process within the working environment.

PT Timah Tbk also has a digitization project in the form of applications called START. This application is used to store, manage and track electronic documents.


Geologging Application Trial

Geologging is a data capturing digital application with technology and machine learning for exploration activities. This application has already been tested by MIND ID.

The application, which is a joint initiative with Antam, is one of the commitments of the MIND ID Group in promoting smart mining. This application is developed by the Safepedia team, one of the winners of the MIND ID Goes Digital 2021 innovation competition.

The Geologging application testing was conducted in the Antam Gold Mining Unit’s exploration activities, in West Java. Geologging can hasten and calculate core samples such as Rock Quality Designation (RQD), Core Recovery and others.

Geologging has three features, namely, the Safety Inspection, Drilling Process and Core Photo with AI.  It is hoped that this application can become a problem solver for MIND ID Group’s efficiency and optimization of exploration activities.

One of the focus of the application testing is to collaborate the AI Geologging feature with the digital application which is already in use, Rinda Emas. It is expected that the collaboration can assist to minimize errors in input, raise efficiency by shortening the data collection process, as well as raising the quality and standardization of geology and drilling activities data at the same time.

MIND ID is aware of the importance of cyber security and data privacy in maintaining business continuity. That is why MIND ID has implemented various initiatives to raise cyber security and data privacy.

MIND ID Group has secured various ISO certification to protect cyber security and data privacy. MIND ID and Members have been certified with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

MIND ID Head Office has secured the ISO 27001 certification on 15 August 2022. In August 2022, Inalumn also received the ISO 27001 certification.

Meanwhile, in implementing its information security management system, all MIND ID members have implemented the security audit or vulnerability assessment on corporate, product and user data systems, internally as well as externally.  Therefore, in 2022, there has not been a cyber attack nor violation of customer privacy in all MIND ID Members.

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