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MIND ID Ensures Safety and Satisfaction of Customers, This is the Strategy

31 July 2023

Jakarta, 31 July 2023 – MIND ID, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, is committed to continue ensuring the security and satisfaction of customers. Towards that purpose, MIND ID has several strategies through the application of strict working safety standards in all operational areas, including the mines, processing plant and delivery.

The adherence to all projects produced by MIND ID Members have been evaluated. Even during the year of report, any violations to adherence of products produced by MIND ID Members have not been found.  Moreover, no product has been withdrawn.

“We are committed to maintain adherence to standards and procedures, particularly towards security, health and product quality requirements,” said MIND ID Corporate Secretary Heri Yusuf.

According to Heri, MIND ID Members also conduct a regular survey to measure customer satisfaction. They also ensure that the products and services offered have fulfilled or exceeded the hopes of customers. This is one of the commitments of MIND ID to its customers.

Based on survey results, MIND ID Group Members have also obtained favorable customer satisfaction score. PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM) received a score of 84.45 from a scale of 100 from precious metal customers.

ANTAM has also received the highest score from basic metal customers, namely 84.47 from a scale of 100. While PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM) received 99.35 from a scale of 100.

Another MIND ID Member, PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA), succeeding in getting a score of 3.57 from a scale of 4. While PT Timah Tbk received a score of 4.65 from a scale of 5, for overseas customers and a score of 4.4 from a scale of 5, for domestic customers.

It can therefore be concluded, based on the customer satisfaction score data, that customer satisfaction towards MIND ID members is very good. This shows, at the same time, that MIND ID Members provide prime service quality to customers, who are very satisfied with the service of the Company.

Meanwhile, in general, MIND ID Members have two types of customers, individual or retail, and institutional. Geographically, the customers come from within and outside the country.

“We always ensure that the rights of each customers can be fulfilled well, particularly equal treatment for each customer,” he said.

During the year of report, MIND ID Members did not receive any complaints from consumers on the marketing of products. Each MIND ID Member has also a customer complaint channel to receive inputs as well as complaints.

The feedback from customers are also sent through various media. Customers are able to provide input and complaints at the time Companies conduct presentations, customer gathering, customer visit to mining areas and supporting facilities, or during meetings between Company and customers.

Meanwhile, retail consumers are able to send complaints or feedback on the online contact made available in each website of Holding Members. Retail consumers are those buying precious metals from Antam marketed online as well as sold at the Precious Metal Gold Boutique available in 11 major cities in Indonesia.

With these facilities, customers and Company can communicate with one another to provide the best services based on the wish of customers. During the year of report, all customer complaints received by each MIND ID Member have been responded fully and action taken thoroughly.

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