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Concern With Urban Waste Management, MIND ID through PT ANTAM Tbk Form Smart Waste Bank Program

13 July 2023

Jakarta, 12 July 2023 – MIND ID or Mining Industry Indonesia, the Holding State-Owned Enterprise for the Mining Industry, continues to empower communities through several programs, one of which is related to waste management. This is being conducted by one of its members, PT ANTAM Tbk, who has created the Smart Waste Bank program.

The Smart Waste Bank program is formed by PT ANTAM Tbk through UBPP Logam Mulia (Precious Metal Processing and Refining Business Unit), as the group concerned with waste. The program was formed in 2017, and developed in 2019, to take care of waste problems in the East Jakarta area.

“MIND ID continues to drive member companies to conduct mining practices that promote sustainability, with the practice of ‘Circular Economy’ in each business chain, from operations to community empowerment,” said MIND ID Corporate Secretary Heri Yusuf.

According to Heri, it is important for the members of MIND ID Group to set forth circular economy in order for business sustainability to be maintained.  Moreover, the MIND ID Group will also invite and involve communities in the surrounding areas in each program to support the business chain of the Company.

It is undeniable that the waste program is a never ending challenge, particularly in the urban environment. Waste problems in urban areas are due to the high and varied production and consumption of individuals, therefore becoming a challenge in consumption and sustainable production.

To date, there is already a waste management principle with the method of “collect-transport-dispose”, but such a method cannot settle waste problems effectively. Such method can only transport waste from one place to another, causing accumulation of waste in landfills.

The accumulation of waste will also cause various serious impacts which can be detrimental to people and the environment, such as floods, bad smell, illness from waste which have not been managed properly, to the increase in greenhouse gas emission from the waste sector, namely carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and dinitrogen oxide (N2O). That is why, out of the box and sustainable efforts to manage waste are necessary as an alternative solution to handle waste, one of which is the Smart Waste Bank from PT ANTAM Tbk.

It is hoped that this program can raise public awareness concerning waste problems in their surroundings. Moreover, it is hoped that the people’s income can be raised for participating in this program.

The Smart Waste Bank provides access to people to derive economic value from the waste, through good waste management system. The working system of the Smart Waste Bank adopts the savings system at conventional banks.

Customers deposit clean and label-less inorganic waste, which will then be converted into the savings of the customer through various unique offers from Smart Waste Bank. Among some unique offers are that customers can trade waste with cash, gold, pilgrimage, qurban, and so on.

The Smart Waste Bank program will continue to be implemented as it has positive benefits to environmental cleanliness. Moreover, the program is also capable of increasing the income of people by trading waste into investment assets.

As added information, the implementation of the Smart Waste Bank program began since 2017, with the formation of Nyimas Antam and the partnership of Rumah Kreatif Bersatu Nusantara Pulokambing. Subsequently, in 2019, the Nyimas concept was developed into the Smart Waste Bank program, simultaneously forming the Waste Concern Group at the Jatinegara Kaum Sub- District.

In 2021, this program developed with the addition of digitalization tools and socialization, as well as education of those receiving the benefits. In 2022, a replica was made or the birth of the inorganic and organic waste management integration center, Bersama Kelompok Tani Hutan. Subsequently, in 2025, the formation of the ‘Kampung Sadar Sampah’ or Waste Awareness Village and the development of the Jatinegara Kaum Sub-district Waste Concern Group were targeted.

In the process, the Smart Waste Bank program has produced various achievements, namely the wellbeing of the planet, people and profit. The program was capable of promoting the wellbeing of customers (Wellbeing).

This was proven with the increase in knowledge and ability of customers by 65 percent, or as many as 226 customers in one year, to save and invest. As many as 226 customers have the ability to sort inorganic waste according to type and value.

This program is also capable of taking part in maintaining the sustainability of the planet (Planet) by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emission of 4.735 Ggr CO2-eq or 0.005 tons-CO2-eq. This program also raised the absorption of the managed waste after accompaniment, reaching 2,198 tons per month in 2022. 

The Smart Waste Bank also managed to raise awareness of people (People) with the increase in the number of customers from 6 people (prior to mentoring) to 74 people (after mentoring). The number subsequently went up to 226 customers in 2022.

People also have a change of attitude towards waste. They have the awareness to manage household waste.

Not only that, the program also managed to raise the economy (Profit) by increasing the ownership of 63.5 grams of gold within 2 years (2020-2022). Moreover, the program also succeeded in raising the income of Smart Waste Bank managers to Rp 7,290,073.

Meanwhile, based on Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculations, within 2020-2022, the Smart Waste Bank program has been running effectively and efficiently. The program has produced a social impact exceeding investment cost (input).

This was proven through the SROI value during the period, which reached 2.64. This means that for every Rp1 invested, average social impact of Rp 2.64 was produced.

Furthermore, according to the measurement of the Community Satisfaction Index (IKM), the program has received a value of 88.86 or Very Satisfactory predicate. The SROI and IKM calculations have been conducted by an independent party.

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