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Commemorating National Education Day, MIND ID Group Supports Merdeka Belajar

3 May 2023

Jakarta, 02 May 2023 Indonesia commemorates National Education Day every year on 02 May. Education is important to encourage and achieve a better future. This is in line with the vision and mission of MIND ID as the Holding State Enterprise of the Mining Industry which manages natural resources for civilization, prosperity and a brighter future.

The commemoration of Education Day with this year’s theme “Moving Together to Celebrate Freedom to Learn” invites multi stakeholders to be involved in advancing education in Indonesia.  The MIND ID Group welcomes this and is actively involved with the development of education, particularly within the surrounding areas of its mining operations.

Throughout 2022, the MIND ID Group has given Education Scholarships to more than 6,000 students throughout the country, from Elementary, Middle Education to Universities. Aside from providing to students, the Teachers Certification and Program to Promote Literacy of teachers are also the focus of the MIND ID Group’s development program, 600 teachers have become the beneficiaries of the program.

MIND ID Corporate Secretary, Heri Yusuf, discloses the full support towards the growth and presence of quality education in Indonesia. “Be present and take part in contributing to quality education is one of the social responsibilities of the MIND ID Group for the operational areas surrounding the mines,” he said.

Quality Education itself is one of the Sustainable Development Goals point 4. This is in line with the Sustainable Map of MIND ID, one of which is to present Quality Education.

MIND ID focuses on the development of education for underdeveloped and outermost regions, such as scholarships to students of Okmin University at Bintang Mountains, Papua. It is hoped that students who get a chance to enjoy this education, will be able to provide maximum contribution for Papua when they graduate.  

Aside from quality education, MIND ID Group also provides skills training to the people living in the surrounding areas of the mines, such as: Batik Making Skills, Heavy Equipment Education and Training Program, Forklift Operations licensed certification training. It is hoped that the programs will be able to help the surrounding people become more productive and able to be involved in the business chain of the Company.

“MIND ID does not only provide education from the mid level, but also high level and skills training, to enable the people living in the surrounding areas become directly involved in the business chain of the Company,” Heri added. 

All series of social responsibility programs of the Company provide quality education, and it is hoped that these skills upgrading constitute a form of the Company’s contribution to and collaboration with the local people, in the efforts to provide a better future.

“Happy National Education Day 2023 Commemoration from the entire MIND ID Group, Moving Together to Celebrate Merdeka Belajar.  MIND ID Group supports Merdeka Belajar so that each child can optimize his or her talent and give maximum contribution in working for the future of Indonesia,” Heri concludes.

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